BBC Kingdoms of the Sky 2018 EP01-EP03 BluRay 1080p DTS-HD MA 2.0 x265.10bit-BeiTai

◎译  名 天空王国
◎片  名 Kingdoms of the Sky
◎年  代 2018
◎产  地 英国
◎类  别 纪录片
◎语  言 英语
◎上映日期 2018-07-11
◎集  数 3
◎片  长 53分钟
◎标  签 纪录片 | BBC | 自然

◎简  介

A landmark three part series made in conjunction with the BBC, Kingdoms of the Sky reveals the extraordinary animals and remarkable people who make a home on the iconic mountain ranges of the world. Breathtaking photography takes viewers through three episodes across the Himalaya, Rockies and Andes.

Tour the extraordinary wildlife and people of the Himalaya – the highest mountain range on earth. Bizarre snub-nosed monkeys live in frozen forests. Tibetan monks perform ancient rituals high in the mountains whilst snow leopards prowl the mountain sides.

See the extraordinary wildlife and people of the Andes. Pumas hunt guanaco, shape-shifting frogs hide in remote cloud forests and the descendants of Inca build bridges of grass. The world’s driest desert, huge salt lakes and spectacular peaks are all found in the world’s longest mountain range.

The Rockies stretch 3,000 miles up the length of North America, and are one of the great mountain ranges of the world. These mountains are home not just to cougars, wolverines, wolves, and grizzly bears, but also daredevil wingsuit flyers, who jump from high peaks, and Native Americans, competing in breakneck horse races.


RELEASE.NAME…: BBC.Kingdoms.of.the.Sky.2018.EP01-EP03.BluRay.1080p.DTS-HD.MA.2.0.x265.10bit-BeiTai.mkv
RELEASE.TIME…: Nov 22 2020
GENRE……….: Documentary
RUN.TIME…….: ~53mn.
VIDEO.CODEC….: HEVC, x265Main10@L5.1@High, 30/1.001 fps
x264 LOG…….: Ref=5, B-frame=6, crf=18.5
BIT.RATE…….: 9592 kbps, 11958 kbps, 10081 kbps, 14.1 G
RESOLUTION…..: 1920 x 1080, 1.78 : 1
AUDIO1………: English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 @ 2113 kbps
RIP.SOURCE…..: Kingdoms of the Sky S01 1080i Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 2.0-NOGROUP
ENCODER……..: anonymous

—[Information] [2020/11/20 13:30:32] x265 [info]: frame I: 720, Avg QP:17.53 kb/s: 36391.86
—[Information] [2020/11/20 13:30:32] x265 [info]: frame P: 20290, Avg QP:18.46 kb/s: 25115.13
—[Information] [2020/11/20 13:30:32] x265 [info]: frame B: 74642, Avg QP:24.06 kb/s: 5112.97

—[Information] [2020/11/21 2:50:56] x265 [info]: frame I: 879, Avg QP:17.56 kb/s: 40030.28
—[Information] [2020/11/21 2:50:56] x265 [info]: frame P: 19839, Avg QP:18.20 kb/s: 31953.88
—[Information] [2020/11/21 2:50:56] x265 [info]: frame B: 74892, Avg QP:24.18 kb/s: 6330.84

—[Information] [2020/11/21 15:28:49] x265 [info]: frame I: 779, Avg QP:17.60 kb/s: 35569.37
—[Information] [2020/11/21 15:28:49] x265 [info]: frame P: 20545, Avg QP:18.53 kb/s: 25151.44
—[Information] [2020/11/21 15:28:49] x265 [info]: frame B: 74336, Avg QP:23.93 kb/s: 5647.53